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The rEVOlution is here!

GYEON built its reputation on outstanding products. We made our debut in 2012 with ceramic coatings which remained competitive over several years. We expanded the maintenance product portfolio, grew the accessories line up, but kept on developing and testing improved formulas. Almost two years ago we introduced the by far most clear-cut and honest warranty scheme on the market. It is simple, easy to understand, and most of all, it comes with FREEDOM OF CHOICE. REMODELLED COATING LINEUP We worked on a remodelled coating lineup. It comes not only with new formulations but also elevates the user experience equally for enthusiasts and Certified Detailers. At the same time, we want to stay faithful to technologies and solutions that actually work. Will GYEON jump on the hype train? No! We believe in evolution. Perfecting a concept that works. Delivering clear benefits and constantly improving. GYEON will deliver a whole, comprehensive system of technology, warranty, and a massively improved customer experience on all levels. Learn all about the new EVO coatings right here: